Site Designer

Site Designer Overview

What is the Site Designer?

The Site Designer is essentially a specialized website designer. In this case, it enables you to create the different websites your system is capable of hosting: 

The Learning Portal Website

 — this is the site your users/employees/learners see when they log in. This might contain their courses, training records and reports, social areas for forums, UserConnect and Chat, required training, class schedules, and much more.

The Public Website

 — this is the site visitors see before they log in (this might contain information on your courses, brochure pages, sign-up pages, and store/purchase pages).

The significance of the Site Designer is that it not only enables you to determine what content is visible to your users and visitors, but who can see it, also where the content is positioned and located, when it is shown and/or made available, and how the content looks visually. It is the most powerful design and logic mechanism available on any LMS, and exclusive to Axis LMS.

So if you have very specific requirements or preferences to the who, what, where, when and how’s of your learning content, the Axis LMS Site Designer is the key.