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A Tool To Build Your Brand's Next Advocates. Are you looking to create brand advocates for your business? Axis LMS is the ultimate learning management platform that teaches customers to make the most of your products or services. Axis LMS will add value for your customers while getting them up to speed on all the benefits of your products and services. Ultimately, it creates a group of loyal customers who serve as brand advocates, driving revenue.

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Boost Your Customer Experience Build Your Brand's Next Advocates

Most customers see training as an added value to any product or service they are considering, and some won't purchase it without it. Now you can keep your brand advocates engaged by putting "fun" in "fundamental". Our customer education LMS is equipped with data analytics capabilities to identify opportunities for building stronger connections.

Once we implemented Axis LMS, we vastly improved our customer engagement, and many of our clients have thanked us. We have realized a noticable uptick in usage of benefits by our customers that were not realized before adopting your platform.

Tyler Karlsen

Why use Axis LMS for customer training?

Self-enroll in training

Allow customers to take the reins of their learning journey with Axis LMS. Our platform empowers them to self-enroll in a program of their choice or follow curated courses that you recommend.

Verbose reporting tools

With our dynamic reporting tools, you can monitor and track customer performance and participation based on program ROI. These tools will also empower your R&D to elevate the customer experience.

CRM system integration

By effortlessly integrating with the CRM systems you're already leveraging, our Axis LMS ensures you bid farewell to redundant data entry and say hello to a streamlined experience that keeps your customer data in perfect sync.

Unlock Customer Training Benefits

Elevate customers' learning experience with Axis LMS's unrivaled branding capabilities – effortlessly align your training site with your website's unique identity, ensuring a seamless and visually captivating journey that truly reflects your brand's essence. Axis LMS offers multimedia support and engaging designs to make learning more fun. Here are additional benefits of using our LMS:

Use existing training materials such as videos, PowerPoints, Word docs, SCORM & AICC files, and more.
Allow access to your training content to your selected customers.
Desktop and Mobile access means your customers can access your training anytime, anywhere.
Integrate with your existing contact management system for easy customer management.

Why is customer training and onboarding significant for branding?

Business and branding are all about delighting customers. Here's why onboarding and customer training take precedence.

A customer training program renders over 92% renewal rate for businesses.

A customer training program serves as a focal point for a brand. It's important to have an immersive customer training program for a lasting impression, as 40-60% of customers only open training software once.

67% of customers are willing to pay more for training and onboarding.

The majority of brands (80%) believe they offer effective customer training and service. However, only 8% of customers agree to it.

How does Axis LMS elevate customer training and experience?

Added Value

Many companies offer training webinars for their customers. While very effective, as a sole training method, it can be very time-consuming (for them and you), not to mention the obstacle of scheduling times and dates. That's why a customer training LMS should be your go-to option. With a customer education LMS like Axis LMS, you can add value for your customers while getting them up to speed on all the benefits of your products and services.


Infuse the dynamic spirit of Axis LMS's gamification features, like leaderboards, into your customer training for an extra motivational edge. Course suggestions open doors for your customers to seamlessly enroll in and conquer additional training modules tailored to their course history and popular trends. In essence, Axis LMS is your all-inclusive toolkit for a customer training program that delivers significant value to your business outcomes.

Maximizing Customer Engagement through LMS: A Guide to Education & Training

In today's digital age, an LMS (Learning Management System) is not just confined to academic or corporate training but has found a significant place in customer education and training. An efficient LMS plays a pivotal role in ensuring customers fully understand and utilize a company's products or services. This not only enhances user experience but also boosts brand loyalty.

For businesses, leveraging an LMS for customer training means providing a self-paced, flexible learning environment. It enables customers to access tutorials, webinars, and interactive content anytime, anywhere, ensuring they get the maximum out of their purchase. Furthermore, it allows businesses to track customer engagement, feedback, and progress, giving insights into areas of improvement.

In essence, integrating an LMS into customer education bridges the gap between businesses and customers, ensuring seamless communication, better product adoption, and, ultimately, heightened satisfaction.

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Axis LMS for Customer Training: FAQs

A customer training learning management system serves as a hub where users can access all of your company's instructional resources. With an LMS, users can quickly and easily gain access to relevant learning resources, including courses, subject matter experts, and reference materials.

E-learning materials can be easily customized and distributed to various learners with the help of a customer-learning management system.

A customer-learning management system is key to efficiently and affordably establishing or expanding your company's internal training and content-sharing initiatives.

Axis LMS for customer training – Here's how you can get started

Axis LMS is the preferred choice for organizations seeking top-tier eLearning solutions. From user-friendly interfaces to seamless scalability, comprehensive reporting, exceptional customer support, and beyond, opt for the ultimate customer training LMS to fortify your edge in the market.