LMS for Customer Training

How do your customers get the most benefit out of using your product or service?

Better question - are your customers really able to take advantage of all the benefits?

Most customers see training as an added value to any product or service they are considering, and some won't purchase without it. How do you train your customers? Is it a focus, or an afterthought? Many companies offer training webinars for their customers. While very effective, as a sole training method it can be very time consuming (for them and for you), not to mention the obstacle of scheduling times and dates.

With a learning management system for customer training like Axis LMS, you can add value for your customers, while getting them up to speed on all the benefits of your products and services. Contact us for more details about the best LMS for customer training.

Top Benefits for You

Allow access to your training content to your selected customers
Use existing training materials such as videos, PowerPoints, Word docs, SCORM files and more

Why Axis LMS for Your Organization?

Enable customers to self-enroll in training they want (or, you can require certain courses)
Verbose Reporting tools for tracking skills, performance and participation
Integrate with existing CRM systems you already use to avoid re-entering customer data
Axis LMS branding abilities are the best in the industry, so go ahead and make the learning site match your website branding

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