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Axis LMS is a great choice training workers out in the field and on job sites.

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As a company performing construction, you face many pains when it comes to effectively training your employees. Even something as seemingly simple as getting everyone from a cross functional group on the same page can wind up as a major challenge. We can help.

Is your training process working, or do you need a new plan?

Making sure all employees in the field are adequately trained on safety and regulation is crucial for your business. More often that not, it's nearly impossible to determine whether your training is producing the desired results.

Is your training process working, or do you need a new plan?

A learning management system such as Axis LMS is designed to address these issues, with optional pre-built training courses you can load in and start training your workers immediately!

Top Benefits

Benefits you will experience by implementing Axis LMS.

Train cross-functional groups - keeping everyone on the same page is part of what an LMS does best
Easily create online training courses with minimal effort
Measure & Track Results - stay up to date on employee training progress and completion

Using Axis LMS, we were able to eliminate several other systems. We have been extremely pleased with the use of Learning Paths along with the Certifications Continuing Education features to automate compliance across multiple departments across our entire company!

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Why Axis LMS?

Here are the top reasons to use Axis LMS.

Create unique training profiles for each employee & assign courses as needed
Use documents, videos, PowerPoints, SCORM and other materials to create training - its easy!
Track results easily - receive notifications when courses are completed, automate emailings for daily reports, and more!
Mobile Access is built-in - your employees can access training anytime, anwhere and from just about any device

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