LMS for Mobile Devices

Axis LMS let's you design your user interface which 'just works' on mobile devices, no extra effort required.

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Mobile Devices 'Just Work'

The exclusive Adaptive Web Engine in Axis LMS means you can create fully customized learning sites and online courses that work on both desktop and mobile devices. All content will automatically work on both desktop and mobile devices, with additionaly functionaly that lets you control in more detail how each device UI will look if desired.

Custom Mobile App

Axis LMS enables you to easily set up a custom mobile PWA App for both Apple and Android devices.

You can set up the app icon, and the app title so its consistent with your brand, and making it easy for your users and employees to install your PWA mobile app right on their phones to take their training.

Flexible User Interface

While our competitors tout 'mobile', what they don't tell you is there is very limited configurability (basically you get what you get). Compare that to the Axis LMS Website designer and Course designer, both which give you configurability far beyond what you have experienced elsewhere, while still giving you the benefit of mobile and desktop rendering.

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