LMS for Employee Training

Offering user-friendly and captivating online training software is key to ensuring your employees start their journey on the right foot. Likewise, delivering a well-rounded training program enhances employee confidence, leading to higher retention rates, improved productivity, and bridges skill gaps. Whether it's meeting regulatory training requirements or onboarding new team members, a learning management system (LMS) for employee training plays a crucial role in keeping your company's training initiatives on course, propelling your workforce toward growth and success.

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Improve Participation, Reduce Training Costs

Traditional training can be time-consuming and cost time and money. With Axis LMS, you can unlock the full potential of your workforce without compromising other resources. At Atrixware, we believe that organizations need to upskill their workforce to stay ahead. Axis LMS lets you create, deliver, engage, and track learning and development, all the while cultivating a culture of growth.

  • Track and report on who participated and completed training courses and requirements
  • Reduce un-needed expenses such as travel, overtime, and lost productivity
  • Desktop and Mobile access means your employees can access your training anytime, anywhere
  • Integrate with your existing HRIS for easy employee management

Ignite Employee Engagement with Axis LMS

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Empower new hires to access online training at their own convenience, regardless of their location. Whether it's a laptop, desktop, or mobile device, Axis LMS ensures flexibility.

Prepare for Expansion

Effortlessly scale your employee online training to meet the ever-evolving needs of your organization. Axis LMS streamlines the process, ensuring unique learning quality without burdening your LMS administrators.

Curate Engaging Learning Experience

Let your employees take charge of their learning through personalized learning and tailored educational experiences, fostering their full potential.

Using Axis LMS, we now have a more scalable onboarding process for our employees, and due to the training platform, our employee retention has increased by 88%!

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Axis LMS for Everyone!

With growing organizational needs, a scalable LMS for employee training becomes essential to ensure consistent learning on a growth trajectory. Take a look at one of our clients who leveraged Axis LMS to simplify their employee onboarding and upskill existing employees. Meet Pharm-Olam, a clinical research organization with 600+ staff members and 40 locations worldwide. Their existing in-house software wasn't sufficient enough to meet and maintain employee training requirements. Learn how implementing Axis LMS expedited their employee onboarding and training to one week instead of 2-3 weeks. The system enabled the organization to unite its employees across all locations with seamless communication.

What makes onboarding and employee training important?

40% of employees leave the organization within the first year of employment.

The average turnover cost for US employees is nearly $15,000 per employee.

Employers with an effective onboarding process see a 54% increase in productivity and a 50% increase in retention of their new hires.

Streamline Your Employee Training with Axis LMS

Simplicity in employee training is key, and that's precisely what Axis LMS brings to the table. It's not just about comprehending the intricacies of onboarding new team members; it's about making the process straightforward. Axis LMS boasts all the features you'd expect from an exceptional employee training LMS, without the need for a dedicated eLearning expert. Whether you're training a handful of employees or a vast workforce, our intuitive technology is crafted to accelerate learning and unlock potential.

With Axis LMS, employee training can become a powerful tool for cultivating a learning culture within your organization. Tailor the user experience, reporting, design, and dashboards to suit the distinct requirements of each team. Our automated features determine the training needs of employees and seamlessly connect them. These elements combine to create a delightful learning journey, empowering employees to thrive within your company.

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Axis LMS for Employee Training: FAQs

A learning management system for employee training makes it simple to add exercises, videos, and other forms of interactivity to the educational process. Exciting learning environments also include gamification, communication, and discussion forums. When combined with an engaging and simple user interface (UI), this boosts the training's attractiveness and effectiveness.

• Understand your audience
• Divide your topics into modules
• Plan the format of your content beforehand
• Incorporate knowledge checks
• Author Responsive Course Content

Most learning management systems including Axis LMS have some sort of learner tracking available.

Ready to Curate Your Online Onboarding and Employee Training Program?

Axis LMS is the right tool to upskill employees and keep them engaged throughout the learning journey.