Sell to Individuals and B2B

Sell your courses with the integrated E-Commerce Store. The learning management system with e-commerce makes it easy to sell your online courses, classroom registrations, and even physical products. View User Guide

Stripe, Paypal & Authorize.Net

The Axis LMS shopping cart works with the worlds two most popular e-commerce gateways. Setting either one up is a snap. Just pick your gateway, fill in some information about your account, and you are all set!

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Prebuilt & Custom Storefronts

You can use the pre-build storefront, or, use the website widgets to create your own custom storefronts (you can create 2 storefronts, one public-facing, and another private which can only be viewed by users that are signed-in). Its also easy to create links you can place into emails or your existing website.

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Agent Store for B2B Selling

Some Axis LMS plans offer the ability to sell B2B via keycodes. An 'agent' for an organization can purchase blocks of course enrollment codes to hand out to their employees, and then use the LMS to track their employees progress and run reports.

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The Best LMS Solutions for Ecommerce

Axis LMS makes creating and selling business courses easy by introducing a learning management system with E-commerce. One of the major reasons LMS systems are succeeding is because of the integrations of never-before-seen features. Have a course that is so brilliant that you could make money off of it? You'll need an E-commerce LMS system where you can easily create and sell to individuals and B2B. That's what the Axis LMS system offers to all its users.

It's no hidden secret that the online education market is growing rapidly, and with several features introduced every year, there is a special place for an LMS system for E-commerce businesses. Axis LMS offers all the latest LMS solutions for E-commerce, so you can start selling online courses, do classroom registrations and even sell or buy physical products. Contact Atrixware today for more details and get started with the best E-commerce LMS system on the market.

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