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Axis LMS is designed for selling training to individuals, as well as seat licenses for business-to-business sales.

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Sell to Individuals and to Businesses

Sell your courses with the integrated E-Commerce Store. The learning management system with e-commerce makes it easy to sell your online courses, classroom registrations, and even physical products. Unlike other LMS systems, Axis LMS is built to sell to individuals as well as multi-seat interfaces to businesses.

Stripe, Paypal & Authorize.Net

The Axis LMS shopping cart works with the worlds most popular e-commerce gateways. Just pick your gateway, fill in some information about your account, and you are all set!

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Prebuilt & Custom Storefronts

You can use the pre-build storefront, or, use the website widgets to create your own custom storefronts. It's also easy to create links you can place into emails or your existing website.

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Agent Store for B2B Selling

An agent for an organization can purchase blocks of course enrollment codes to hand out to their employees, and then use the LMS to track their employees progress and run reports.

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The Best LMS Solution for Ecommerce

Axis LMS makes creating and selling online training easy.

Axis LMS makes creating and selling online training easy. Not only that, Axis LMS makes creating and selling online training easy. The market for online learning and training is growing rapidly. Axis LMS offers all the latest LMS solutions for e-commerce, so you can start selling online courses, virtual classroom registrations, and even selling or buying physical products. In addition, Axis LMS enables you to sell B2B solutions for training. You can sell complete online training packages to businesses, complete with seat license management, user management, and reporting!

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Optimizing Ecommerce With The Best LMS Solutions

The digital era has witnessed a significant shift in the way businesses operate, especially when it comes to online education and training. At the forefront of this transformation is the ecommerce LMS. Recognized as the best ecommerce LMS solution, Atrixware offers seamless integration of educational platforms with robust ecommerce functionalities.

With a holistic approach to online course selling, our ecommerce LMS not only streamlines the process but also enhances the user experience. Offering features that cater to both educators and learners, our platform ensures that courses reach the right audience with ease. Furthermore, efficient payment gateways, intuitive course catalogs, and customizable branding options make the selling and purchasing processes straightforward and secure.

Leveraging the best ecommerce LMS ensures that online educators can focus on creating impactful content while the system takes care of the commerce side efficiently and effectively.

Once we implemented Axis LMS to deliver online versions of our classroom training courses, our sales have quadrupled, while we only needed to add 2 additional employees.

Paul Patti

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a unified login, students can complete the entire registration and payment process within an online learning management system with eCommerce. Customers enjoy a more pleasant shopping experience and are more likely to buy from you when they are not forced to go between several platforms.

An LMS with eCommerce integration gives you access to each user's specific metrics and makes it easier for you to report the data. With the help of these cutting-edge analytics tools, you can monitor a variety of variables, including registration, results, average course duration, downloads, and attendance.

With the help of an LMS for eCommerce, companies can give their employees access to both in-house and third-party-funded training courses with a single login and password.

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