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Learning Management System for Manufacturing

Whether you run a machine shop or a huge factory, training your workers plays a major part in maintaining safety, quality, and efficiency.

Ensuring that your employees are trained to stay in compliance with the latest safety regulations is an absolute necessity.

It is also imperative to constantly train your employees in order to keep them focused on quality assurance measures.

Properly trained employees are much more productive, and more efficient -- two things that provide major benefits to your manufacturing business.

Does your training process work with your workers schedules and workload? Do you struggle finding the time to train workers without affecting production numbers?

A learning management system such as Axis LMS is designed to address these issues.

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Top Benefits for You

Deliver training anywhere, any time, and on just about any device
Keep everyone on the same page and in compliance with the latest regulations

Why Axis LMS for Your Manufacturing Business?

Add already created training courses on saftey, compliance, soft skills and more to custom courses you create
Reporting tools with multiple report views, filtering, and automated emails
Creating training profiles for each employee in your office, then assign training by individual, group, or role
Mobile learning - anytime, anywhere training - and on just about every device

Benefits of an LMS
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LMS ROI Analysis
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Is Your LMS Scalable?
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