LMS for Education

If you manage a public school, private academy or a college or university, you almost certainly try to find ways to make your classroom and learning experiences better for your students.

Locating a learning solution that delivers consistent results across all levels of your organization is challenging to be sure. You have probably realized that traditional learning options are very cumbersome, and often difficult - to the extent that educational organizations such as yours are never able to really implement them properly.

On the other end of the spectrum, most high-tech training solutions require extensive help and support from IT.

A well-designed LMS for online courses such as Axis LMS is a great learning solution for Educational institutions.

Like many educational organizations, yours is probably using 'traditional' training methods that have worked for years. Recently, however, learning management systems are increasingly being adopted by schools like yours. Get our LMS for online courses today!

Top Benefits for You

Offer your courses to students who may not be able to visit your classrooms - bring in more revenue
Integrated reporting for easy access to enrollment, course completion and assessment performance information
Instructor led traning can be managed through an LMS, making enrollment easier to track

Why Axis LMS for Your Organization?

Axis LMS has an intuitive interface for both students and administrators
Brand Axis LMS with your institution's colors and logos
Set up self-enrollment using the e-commerce features, open-enroll, or keycodes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Key Features Of An LMS For Online Courses?
• Create & Manage Groups
• Digital Portfolios
• Assign & Grade Assignments
• Easily Assign Grades
• Customize Interaction
2. Can A Learning Management System For Online Courses Help Detect Cheating?
Yes. To help instructors swiftly detect students who might be cheating, many use real-time grading monitoring provided by learning management systems. Teachers can see how much time students spend on each quiz or test, giving them a better idea of who might not be putting in the effort necessary to succeed.
3. Is Google Classroom An LMS For Online Courses?
Google does not consider Google Classroom an LMS. It does have some LMS-ish functionality and is a handy application for lecturers to utilize in class to facilitate file sharing and communication with their students through group or individual chats and announcements, but not a full featured LMS.
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