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Create Online Courses Blazingly Fast

Axis LMS is an easy learning management system that makes making courses extremely accessible. Atrixware rose to the top of the learning management systems with its drag & drop functionality, it is a platform meant for all. From beginners to experienced users, this software allows you to drag documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and much more. Turn into an efficient learning course with the easy-to-use course builder.

Branding Like You've Never Seen

In today's world, it is all about branding, so why settle for the simple options when you can have the latest with Axis LMS, the best training management system on the market? The learning management system for e-training has just about everything. On this platform, all public to private content pages are brandable with you in full control over who sees what and where.

Run Reports Anytime, Anywhere

A corporate LMS system needs robust reporting features and that is exactly what Axis LMS offers. The online platform has a verbose reporting system that includes creating reports whenever you want. You can also schedule it, save it, email it, and much more! The training management system provides complete filtering on multiple data points.

Never Lose Touch with Your Users

Communication is key and Axis LMS is a learning management system that pays special focus to it. Automated, real-time, and collaborative exchanges make this software one of the best LMS systems on the market. The platform has a unique feature – UserConnect. It’s a built-in and private social network to promote communication among users. Learn and celebrate your achievements on the top training management system.

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Automate Continuing Ed & CEU's

Need an e-learning management system that you can use to run Ed programs and track CEU credits? Axis LMS is a learning management system that automates the process. Get the most comprehensive features available only on this platform. Re-certification and CEU credit tracking is a breeze with the user-friendly software of Axis LMS.

Mobile Devices 'Just Work'

Want to build a course or website that has some different features on a mobile? The easy learning management system has an exclusive Adaptive Web Engine that you can use to create customized websites and online courses. They will work on both desktop and mobile. It does not end there. It has become the best online platform because it also provides options to limit content visibility, prohibit content from showing on mobile, make the content completely different, and more.

Integrate with 5,000+ Systems & Apps

Axis LMS is a learning management system that imposes no limit on you. Instead, you can integrate thousands of systems and apps into the corporate LMS system and have the utmost convenience. Axis LMS has quickly become the top LMS system for its many features. Any application you can think of you can use here including CRM systems, HR systems, mail apps or services, and much more.

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Atrixware | Learning Management System Promoting Easy Learning

The right LMS system can streamline corporate functions, improve results, and serves as a brilliant training management system that will reduce the stress of learning anything new. Most businesses are shifting online and moving past the traditional onsite training methods, making it necessary to find top-of-the-line online ways to train their people. That's where LMS learning management software comes in. What's even better than a learning management system that helps you learn effectively is one that completely automates the process and has multiple customizing options.

Atrixware's Axis LMS system makes corporate training and the lives of L&D professionals easier. The E-learning management system is one of the best LMS systems you can find, with multiple customizations. It promises easy learning and is applicable for compliance training, non-profits, customer training, employee training, manufacturing, and more.

With Axis LMS, you can have blended learning with robust scheduling, built-in video conferencing, and automated attendance tracking making collaboration easier than ever before! You can easily customize our e-learning management system, add your logos and colors, get feedback and create custom activities for an LMS system that's the exact fit for you. Create automated notification systems, set intelligent access periods, and automatically assign training for more efficient training than ever before.

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