LMS for Government Agencies

Deliver exceptional learning experiences for your government agency employees that meets regulatory and security requirements with Axis LMS - serving the learning industry for over 25 years!

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Secure and Scalable Online Learning

Unlock your organization's progress effortlessly by utilizing Axis LMS to provide revolutionary learning experiences in the public sector. Our platform ensures compliance with regulatory, security, and customs standards, making it simpler than ever to unleash the potential of your employees.

Drive your organization forward with ease.

Proven Track Record.
Methodical Deployment.

Atrixware has been serving the industry since 1997, giving you the benefit of a proven track record, predictability, and a methodical deployment which has been crafted over 25 years and is continuously improved upon.

Rock Solid and Secure Learning Management System

Ensuring the utmost security and privacy is a top priority. Atrixware along with our world-class data center partner go above and beyond in meeting all significant compliance, security, and data protection certifications, guaranteeing the safeguarding of your highly sensitive information for you and your employees.

All Axis LMS Government Installations include Gold Secure LMS Hosting, which includes PCI Compliance and data encryption 'at REST'. For HIPAA Compliance we offer the Platinum Secure LMS Hosting package. These build on the already hardened Secure LMS Hosting we offer all private sector clients.

Using Axis LMS, we were able to eliminate several other systems. We have been extremely pleased with the use of Learning Paths along with the Certifications Continuing Education features to automate compliance across multiple departments across our entire organization!

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Customized Features Tailored to Your Organization's Success

25,000+ Content Titles

Maximize employee potential with our seamless integration with over 25,000 course titles from dozens of the worlds top publishers. Develop a custom learning plan by building curated content bundles of 25 or 100 courses for your employees, or give them access to the entire catalog!

Elevated Learning Experience

Empower your employees with Axis LMS by granting them the flexibility to generate transcripts, add external certifications, and self-enroll. Our integrated communication tools facilitate seamless discussions and question posting in dedicated forums, enhancing the overall learner experience.

Mobile Learning

Access mobile eLearning with ease through Axis LMS, catering to on-the-go lifestyles. Our learner experience is also mobile-friendly via web browsers, eliminating the need for downloads.

Employee Management

Simplify employee management with Axis LMS through automated rules and group assignments based on employee roles, ensuring users have the appropriate access. Streamline daily tasks, from user reporting reminders for certification renewal, for a more efficient workflow.

Offline Training Flexibility

Ensure uninterrupted learning by optinally enabling offline training options, allowing learners to access and watch videos and read documents even without internet connectivity. Users can download content you decide, offering flexibility in certification and course completion.

Configurable Reporting

Harness the power of actionable insights for your organization's learning initiatives. Axis LMS offers customizable data fields and the ability to create personalized reports, providing access to precisely the data you need for informed decision-making.

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