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As you already know, hard work goes into running an efficient association. Having a highly effective training program is paramount in achieving goals and fundraising so your organization can continue its mission.

The industry faces unique obstacles regarding training. For example, your employees and volunteers may be spread out across wide geographical areas meaning many of them never come to the home office. In addition, inefficient training means it is difficult for an association to achieve goals and continue effective fundraising campaigns.

Are you experiencing these same challenges? Are you experiencing other issues with your current training methods?

A learning management system for associations such as Axis LMS can solve your training issues.

Top Benefits for You

Well-trained employees (and volunteers) are more likely to generate revenue your organization needs
Track participation & effectiveness via reporting views and automation

Why Axis LMS for Your Organization?

Design custom training you can sell to generate additional revenue for your association
Reporting tools with multiple report views, filtering, and automated emails
Mobile learning - anytime, anywhere training - and on just about every device

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an association LMS?
An LMS for associations is a software solution that serves as a central hub for storing and administering a group's training materials and resources.
2. What Are The Main Benefits Of Learning Management Systems For Associations?
• An LMS for associations can be set up to provide relevant, interesting information on a wide range of subjects related to the numerous facets of a given profession.
• Users can access a web-based or cloud-based LMS for associations whenever and wherever is most convenient.
• Associations can use an online learning system to provide members with all the advantages mentioned above while saving a considerable amount of money compared to more conventional forms of learning and training.
3. What Is The Best LMS for Associations?
In our humble opinion, Axis LMS is an excellent choice for your association.
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