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The association industry confronts distinctive challenges pertaining to training. For instance, the volunteers and employees are geographically dispersed across the globe, which often results in limited physical presence at the central office. Furthermore, suboptimal training procedures hinder the association's ability to accomplish objectives and maintain successful campaigns for fundraisers.

Axis LMS is your partner in empowering associations. Our Learning Management System is meticulously designed to enhance member engagement, foster skill growth, and boost member retention. With interactive features, a vast library of professional learning content, and a fully digital learning environment, we ensure that your association thrives in today's dynamic landscape. Elevate your members' learning experiences and watch your association flourish with Axis LMS.

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Fuel the growth of your non-profit organization or association with Axis LMS, a powerful and collaborative solution. Our platform enables your members to seamlessly share knowledge and achieve their learning objectives, whether it's through your extensive continuing education course catalog or external certification training—all conveniently housed in one place. What truly sets Axis LMS apart is its agility; we adapt to your organization's evolving needs at a moment's notice. Experience the difference that makes Axis LMS the leading choice for non-profit organizations and associations.

Facilitate Social Learning

Cultivate a dynamic social learning culture with Axis LMS, a purposefully crafted tool for associations. Our platform empowers participants to seamlessly exchange training, knowledge, and expertise, fostering motivation and building teamwork. Collaborative training isn't just about learning; it's about propelling your association forward.

Axis LMS enhances collaborative learning through:

  • LMS integration with your association's AMS through an API or SSO connection to streamline user access and synchronization.
  • Leaderboards and eLearning badges that fuel a spirit of friendly competition.
  • Participation tracking and effectiveness monitoring via reporting views and automation.
  • Custom training design that you can use for sales revenue purposes.

Axis LMS provided us with the exact solution we needed to keep our members in compliance with regulatory requirements and virtually eliminated the need for employee travel, saving us well over 60% on our training costs.

Jessica McMillan

Customized Features Tailored to Your Association's Success

eCommerce Integration

Maximize revenue potential with Axis LMS's comprehensive eCommerce capabilities.

Easily sell courses, content, or memberships.

Elevated Learning Experience

Empower your association members with Axis LMS by granting them the flexibility to generate transcripts, add external certifications, and self-enroll. Our integrated communication tools facilitate seamless discussions and question posting in dedicated forums, enhancing the overall learner experience.

Mobile Learning

Access mobile eLearning with ease through Axis LMS, catering to on-the-go lifestyles. Our learner experience is also mobile-friendly via web browsers, eliminating the need for downloads.

Member Management

Simplify member management with Axis LMS through automated rules and group assignments based on membership levels, ensuring users have the appropriate access. Streamline daily tasks, from user reporting reminders for certification renewal, for a more efficient workflow.

Offline Training Flexibility

Ensure uninterrupted learning by enabling offline training options, allowing learners to access and watch videos and read documents even without internet connectivity. Users can download content you decide, offering flexibility in certification and course completion.

Configurable Reporting

Harness the power of actionable insights for your association's learning initiatives. Axis LMS offers customizable data fields and the ability to create personalized reports, providing access to precisely the data you need for informed decision-making.

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Axis LMS for Associations: FAQs

An LMS designed for associations functions as a digital platform that serves as the primary repository and management tool for the training materials and educational assets of a collective organization.

  • An LMS for associations has the capability to provide engaging and relevant content spanning a broad range of topics associated with various aspects of an association.
  • Individuals have the flexibility to reach a cloud-hosted or web-based LMS designed for associations at their utmost convenience, regardless of time or location.
  • Associations can harness the power of an internet-based learning platform to offer their members the myriad benefits described earlier, all while achieving significant cost savings in comparison to traditional modes of education and training.
  • Certainly, Axis LMS offers straightforward tools for tailoring content access to your association members. You can effortlessly make courses accessible to specific roles, departments, geographic locations, and more. Moreover, we provide options to implement customized pricing structures for distinct learner groups.

    Absolutely! Axis LMS includes a seamlessly integrated eCommerce standard feature. Our user-friendly and highly adaptable interface ensures a consistent alignment with your brand identity, preserving the user experience. Additionally, you have the flexibility to promote your courses through tailored descriptions, bundled discounts, the distribution of coupon codes, and various other marketing strategies.

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