LMS with Integrated AI

Axis LMS seamlessly integrates AI for easily generating enhanced e-learning descriptions, translating text, and generating quiz questions and presentation slides based on a topic or a document of text.

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Integrated AI Right inside Axis LMS

Axis LMS has Artificial Intelligence integrated right into the system, giving you a vast amount of ways to improve your communication, enhance your information, and generate online course activities such as online quizzes and e-learning presentations from a source document or topic!

Length, Format & Tone

Enhance your wording and phrasing across the enrtire system using built-in AI tools that generate spectacular results!

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Auto Content Generation

Type in a subject, or paste in text from a document, and turn it into an e-learning presentation or quiz you can offer to your users.

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Easily translate any word, sentence or paragraph into one of many languages like Spanish, French, Korean & more!

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