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Atrixware offers several Axis LMS Products, each designed to fit and meet specific needs and organization sizes.

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Axis LMS Lite
Great for 10 to 75 employees or companies just starting out.
Designed for organizations of 10 to 75 employees, Axis LMS Lite gives you all the essentials to create, manage and track online training.

Axis LMS Lite is also great for organizations that are just getting started, selling training to small audiences, and seasonal operations.
Axis LMS
Flexible for organizations needing to train 100 to 100,000 employees.
With options for companies of 100 employees to enterprises of 100,000, Axis LMS is our most flexible learning platform. Designed for L&D Pro's, Axis LMS can scale to your needs, and integrate with your other services and platforms.

Includes tools & options to create, manage and track online and virtual classroom training for employees, customers, or both.

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Axis LMS makes creating, delivering and managing training a breeze

The Axis LMS system offers many features and is suitable for various industries. If you're concerned that all the features and the many benefits are accompanied by prices outside your budget, we probably have a plan priced right for you.

Axis LMS packages are designed so everyone can have the advantage of the best LMS system on the market. The learning management system's price varies based on various factors. Atrixware makes sure that the LMS prices make it accessible for everyone. Check out the different packages to find the right one for you.

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