LMS for Channel Partner Training

Ensuring your channel partners are fully trained is a breeze with Axis LMS.

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Give Partners the Tools to Drive Serious Revenue

Atrixware's partner training LMS gives you the tools deliver a 'training playbook' to train your partners how to talk about, sell, and make revenue for your organization.

Are your Channel Partners properly trained? Do they have the expert knowledge needed to sell?

Do you have various channel partners that are scattered across multiple states or countries? Distributing products through a large channel network is often great for generating sales, but with so many people representing your company, it's hard to maintain your image and brand.

How do you ensure your channel partners are properly trained on your products?

With a learning management system like Axis LMS, ensuring your channel partners are fully trained is a breeze.

Top Benefits

Benefits you will experience by implementing Axis LMS.

Mobile access means channel partners can access your training anytime, anywhere
Save money by eliminating the need to print or purchase materials and ship them out
Track and report on which channel partners have participated and completed training

Since partnering with Atrixware and implementing the LMS, we have seen an increase in success for our certified partners. We are seeing higher contract value averages, which has made a big difference for us.

Emmy Morillo

Why Axis LMS?

Here are the top reasons to use Axis LMS.

Easily create training with existing documents, author content inside Axis LMS, or combine both
Enable channel partners to self-enroll in training they want, or, you can require certain courses
Integrate with existing CRM systems you already use to avoid re-entering partner data
Axis LMS branding abilities are the best in the industry, so go ahead and make the learning site match your website branding

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