LMS for Franchises

The franchise industry is a great fit for realizing significant benefits from usage of a Learning Management System - an LMS is perfect for training a large number of employees across different locations.

Running a successful franchise model means you invest a lot of money in the 'brand', as well as the local franchisees.

You need to ensure consistency across the entire business.

Training dispersed groups of employees across many franchise locations is paramount to achieving these goals, and Axis LMS, an LMS for franchises, has solutions specifically designed for this need.

Top Benefits for You

Easily assign training to individuals or teams, or enable self enrollments
Reporting on course completion and participation - by individual, team or entire organization
Trainees can access training anywhere, any time, from just about any device

Why Axis LMS for Your Organization?

Easy set up, with no hosting or maintenance for the franchiser to have to worry about - we manage it all
Shared and secure online social space - give feedback, post industry-related news, make announcements to everyone

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