Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Overview

Which Gateways Work?

All shopping carts - including the Axis Shopping Cart - work with credit card gateways. The credit card gateway is where the credit card data gets sent, and is where the authentication and verification of that data is checked, and the card billed for the amount of the order.

The Axis Shopping Cart works with the following gateways: is one of the most widely used gateways, and allows non-credit card forms of payment.


PayPal is a very popular way to accept payments. The Axis Shopping Cart can use PayPal as a gateway as well (it uses a feature of PayPal called IPN).


Stripe is a another contemporary method of accepting payments. 


Not really a gateway, you can use a Simulated gateway while setting up your site. This is a great way to test everything out and make sure your discounts and coupons work the way you expect, etc.

Using More than One Gateway

Each ‘store’ can only use a single gateway. However, you can use one gateway for the user stores (Visitor Storefront, User Storefront, Public website widgets, Learning Portal website widgets), and another for the Agent Storefront.

In addition, each Partition on the LMS operates independently, so therefore can have its own gateway as well.