Increasing Learning Engagement Through an LMS System

The whole point of a learning management system is to support employee learning and development and engage them.

While businesses do realize the importance of corporate LMS, they still struggle with employee engagement. While it is good to have online training sessions, it is useless if it does not engage your human capital.

We have outlined how you can engage employees through an LMS system. Check out our Axis LMS system while you are at it.

1. Remove Learning Barriers

If this is your first time implementing an LMS, ensure that your employees know how to navigate through the system. Your employees may not have worked with an LMS before. Besides, every system is different, so your first step to achieving engagement is to remove the participation barrier.

Offer them video tutorials or short instructional notes that demonstrate how the system works.

2. Use Gamification

Gamification has revolutionized the way learning works. Studies show that game-based learning increases knowledge retention and ensures that learning translates into practice.

Group games, achievement badges, and leaderboards motivate employees to take charge of their learning. It promotes healthy competition, which is key to increasing productivity at work.

For increased engagement, translate the rewards and points into tangible benefits. For instance, employees can trade their digital points for a free massage or merchandise.

3. Easy Performance Track

A journey with no destination is meaningless. People love to know what they are accomplishing through training. Display their performance where they can track it with ease. Show the number of modules they have completed and how many more are left.

You can take performance tracking up a notch by offering visual analytics such as dashboards and reports where users can see their own performance.

4. Microlearning

An hour-long training session is boring, daunting, and unrealistic. Employees cannot carve out time from their work and devote it to an LMS.

Microlearning breaks down large pieces of learning into small digestible chunks. For instance, a 15-minute video tutorial or a short document will do more good than a one-day training workshop.

Short lessons also incentivize learning, encouraging employees to complete training on time and  also retain whatever they learn.

5. Make It Personal

Personalization is key to engaging employees. Not every employee needs the same training. Forcing them to take an irrelevant training module is counterintuitive to engagement.

Instead, offer them personalized material relevant to their career plan and professional development needs.

A team taking training on using a corporate LMS system

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