Common Mistakes Made During Employee Onboarding LMS Implementation

A right LMS is an investment, just like onboarding new employees. You must be careful when choosing a corporate LMS system for your organization.

It takes a lot of planning to choose a system that will work well for you. The next step is to implement employee onboarding in the LMS. If you are not careful, you may make the following mistakes when onboarding new employees.

1. Unclear Objectives

You must understand the role of an LMS in employee onboarding before implementation.

Have a clear blueprint of your goal with the onboarding process. Is it better performance and increased engagement? Or is it reduced turnover and higher productivity? Determine where your onboarding LMS fits.

Not having clear objectives will disrupt the whole process. For instance, delays in the process may have a negative impression on your new starters. Eventually, it will affect their attitude at work.

2. Dumping Content

Content dumping is the last thing you want to do after doing all the hard work to onboard a new employee. Don’t fill pages with irrelevant and unnecessary content. It will only make sure the employees don’t use the content.

Your LMS should be a beacon of light that leads new starters to the right track. Do not just assume how employees like to learn. Focus on everyday problems a new employee may feel and how you can resolve them through an onboarding LMS.

Your onboarding LMS should answer all the general and specific questions that an employee cannot find outside of work.

3. No Employee Support

New employees look up to the LMS admins and L&D professionals for support. A new employee will seek support during the initial weeks to get used to the new systems. If your team can’t handle software issues or answer employee questions, how will they support the new employees?

Include demos, free trials, and tutorials, so your admins understand the system first. Only then can they support the staff.

4. No Forward Thinking

Your employee onboarding LMS should adopt a forward-thinking approach because onboarding is a long-term process.

New questions and concerns will arise, and your onboarding LMS should embed a long-term model considering new needs and questions.

Two new employees using LMS for training

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