4 Ways Your LMS Can Improve Employee Engagement

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Organizations often face numerous problems in the workplace on low employee engagement, including high turnovers, unmotivated employees, etc. These issues can create a lasting problem within your company, resulting in lowered productivity, profitability, and competitiveness.

As a result, organizations try their best to improve employee engagement. A recent Gallup poll found that only 15 percent of employees reported a high engagement in their workplace. Low engagement is a serious issue for organizations because research shows that unengaged employees are likelier to leave their positions. Statistics show turnovers cost approximately 33 percent of an employee’s salary. Companies want to avoid the additional hassle of recruiting and training new employees. As a result, employee retention has become a crucial objective for approximately 87 percent of HR departments.

Fortunately for employers, increasing employee engagement can help solve numerous issues. Data shows employers can prevent turnover in 75 percent of cases. Statistics show some top organizations have boosted employee engagement to 70 percent by utilizing leveraging technology.

How Your Learning Management System Can Increase Employee Engagement

Your learning management system can significantly improve employee engagement. Here’s how:

Use Gamification to Motivate Employees

Gamification has become more prevalent than ever in corporate workplaces. Few things are more engaging than playing or watching games because of the reward and risk associated. Many modern learning management systems today have built-in gamification features. These help increase employee engagement. You’ll want to incorporate elements like reward systems and leaderboards into your training courses to increase participation and completion rates. Some LMS solutions will also let you customize rewards like digital badges or points. These rewards help motivate employees to continue progressing in their courses.

Invest in Quality Content

You’re unlikely to increase employee engagement if your content is subpar. Ideally, you’ll want to invest in creating quality content to keep employee engagement high. Start by diversifying your content by incorporating images, videos, and audio. In addition, ensure that you take time to craft your courses. Remove typos and other errors. Likewise, eliminate irrelevant material. Focus on delivering essential content in the most creative way possible to skyrocket your employee engagement.

Make Content Easier to Access

It’s also crucial to make your content as easily accessible for employees as possible. Today’s world is fast-moving, meaning employees will want to learn content at their pace. Ensure that your content is easily accessible via web browsers. Likewise, you’ll need to ensure mobile friendliness. Some employees might prefer accessing content on their commutes. Hence, you have to ensure employees can access your content from wherever they want, provided they have an internet connection.

Examine Data to Address Shortcomings

Some learning management systems like Axis LMS provide you with exceptional data analytics. You can assess data to identify potential shortcomings within your training programs. For instance, you might notice employees stop interacting with courses midway through programs. You can use this data to address these shortcomings accordingly.

A robust analytics framework enables you to tailor your content to meet your needs. You can adjust your content according to the feedback received from employees and manage it accordingly to improve employee engagement.

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Improve Employee Engagement with Axis LMS

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