Why Meaningful Feedback Is So Important For Online Training

Feedback is direct and prompt in a traditional classroom training environment. Direct feedback makes learning easier for trainees. In comparison, feedback in online training can be a bit tricky. This is especially true if the training modules are self-paced, which means feedback may not always be direct. Nonetheless, feedback is still important in an online setting, and in this guide, we have explained why.

What Does It Mean For Learners?

Meaningful feedback is an instrumental component that keeps both learners and trainers motivated. Learners feel more engaged when they feel their organization takes an interest in their learning and provides relevant tools to facilitate learning.

Effective feedback allows learners to make the most of their e-learning experience. They use the material to improve their work practice and understanding of new trends. It significantly influences their overall performance outcomes.

When training online, feedback allows employees to self-evaluate and determine areas of improvement. It increases knowledge retention, encourages constructive discussions, and promotes self-reflection among online learners.

What Does It Mean For Content Creators?

Besides facilitating the online learning experience, meaningful feedback allows content creators to use relevant information to update the online course material.

Content owners want to ensure that their online training modules are delivering what they are meant to deliver. Proactive feedback enables them to improve their processes, find redundancies, eliminate learning barriers and enhance the quality of their learning material to support users.

How Can You Offer Feedback to Online Trainees?

Proactive feedback benefits both learners and content creators. Thus, you should provide feedback at every stage of learning. Here is how you can do it:

Feedback Throughout Module

Instead of waiting for e-learners to complete a module, you can make the feedback more prompt for a hands-on learning experience. Offering feedback throughout the course is an excellent way to keep them motivated. It empowers employees to continue taking the course and be on track.

You can facilitate continuous feedback through quizzes and short surveys during the course and make your content more interactive.

Feedback After Module Completion

It is necessary to provide feedback right after an employee has finished online training. It is also the best time to hear their thoughts and learning experience because everything is fresh in their mind.

They can take a quiz or survey to self-evaluate their performance against their expectations and goals. Most online training is aimed at skill development and knowledge improvement. Ask them how did the module meet their expectations and whether they feel they have learned new skills.

Follow Up

Following up with your employees after a certain time is equally necessary. Follow up after a few months to see how well they can recall the learning content. It shows learning retention and what you can do to maximize it.

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