What is Multi-Channel Learning? The Important Role LMS Plays In It?

It’s true, training and development is not often the topic of conversation within an organization, but it is among the most crucial functions for maximizing productivity. Training and development, like many other aspects of running a business in the modern era, have grown more difficult than it once was.

This is due to the increased emphasis on rapid skill enhancements in the workplace as well as the global dispersion of teams. Multi-channel learning arose from the need to solve this problem.

What Is Multi-Channel Learning?

The term “multi-channel learning” describes the practice of acquiring knowledge by more than one method, which can encompass both in-person and online teaching. Those things could be:

  • Instructional Classes
  • Live online classes taught by certified teachers
  • Distributing Paper Courseware
  • Audio and video podcasts
  • Video lessons that have already been shot
  • Training courses delivered via PowerPoint presentations narrated by real people

Why Is It Needed?

Training modules come in various forms, each optimized for delivering a certain set of topics. Instructors are no longer limited to a single method of instruction when they embrace a multi-channel learning strategy. Each instructor can choose the teaching method they feel is most effective for their students and the covered material. Because of this, instructors can improve the quality of teaching significantly.

Today, it is not uncommon for companies to have employees in various geographical zones. Previously, all these people would have to gather in one location for training. Then, money would have to be spent on transportation, lodging, and providing greater room to carry out training exercises. Using online platforms prevents the need to gather all suitable trainees in one physical location.

How Does A Learning Management System Help?

A consolidated system for handling training and development needs to be in place if several channels of instruction are to be utilized. This is because time management is a crucial aspect of training programs. With the help of a learning management system, educators can schedule and inform students of upcoming training sessions.

In addition, live or prerecorded, virtual training requires the ability to distribute training materials to participants in a variety of locations. With the help of a learning management system, you can compile all of your module materials into a single source from which they can be accessed and shared at any time.

Furthermore, by having a standardized method for administering examinations, instructors can quickly evaluate the efficacy of their training sessions and the growth of their students’ knowledge across a wide range of subjects.


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