3 Myths of Personalized Learning

The term “personalized learning” refers to the practice of adapting teaching to the learner’s individual needs. People can learn anything, whenever, and wherever they choose with this. They can pick up knowledge through taking part in a variety of educational video games, utilizing Augmented Reality, or observing concepts visualized on projectors.

These provide variety and interest to the learning process and keep the student interested. Personalized learning is the best way to maintain learners’ interests. More and more corporations are developing ideas for personalized learning. It offers countless advantages for both learners and businesses. Nonetheless, many of us still have misconceptions regarding personalized learning.

Myth #1 – It Consumes Too Much Time

Most instructors mistakenly believe that personalized learning requires creating a unique curriculum for each student. On the contrary, the learner only needs to be directed; they will take care of the rest and organize their learning to meet their specific requirements.

The transition from a more traditional to a more personalized learning setting in the office can be time consuming; however, it usually is a one time investment. After you finish, you will save time compared to more conventional training methods.

Myth #2 – It Is Only Suitable For Individual Tasks

Many people worry that learners will not participate in or benefit from group projects or discussions if they use a personalized approach to learning. While this does provide each employee more freedom to find a method of learning that works best for them, it need not lead to conflict in the workplace. If this were the case, they would never collaborate on a project or participate in group activities together.

Making preparations for one’s learning is all that is required. Instructors can help learners stay on the same track by including extra exercises and discussion points in their course outlines. Therefore, there will never be any independent work, as all workers will be learning the same material using the best medium.

Myth #3 – It Can Only Be Achieved Through Technology

People often wrongly assume that high-end technology is necessary for personalized learning. Although technological advancements may allow for greater adaptability, they are by no means necessary. Those learning about cold calling, for instance, don not need any technological means to grasp the concept. They could try their hand at simulated calls to gain a better grasp.

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