4 Reasons Remote Learning Needs a Virtual Meeting Platform

virtual meeting in learning management system

In 2017, 33.5% of people were involved in remote learning, a figure that increased exponentially during the COVID times. The benefits and retention of students in this sphere have been debated extensively without clear resolutions. But if the global market size of E-learning, which is currently $250 billion, is anything to go by, we can assume it’s here to stay.

Remote learning is great, and you can do it from everywhere and anywhere. All the learners go through the course, learn new skills, and are challenged. But what if they have questions or concerns? We need virtual meeting platforms for that.

It Facilitates Collaboration

Probably the most important aspect of virtual meeting platforms is that it facilitates collaboration among individuals. Collaboration is difficult in remote learning since everyone is in a different room, but with this platform, people can work as if they were in the same spot.

Keep in Touch with the Team

If you’ve worked online, you know the hardest thing is getting everyone on board and the mix-ups due to poor communication. When you learn with friends or a team over a virtual meeting platform, not only will keeping in touch be easy, but there are other numerous benefits too.

You can hold each other accountable, bounce ideas off of each other, and increase your knowledge through conversation. It gives everyone in the team a space to keep in touch even when there is not an active video call.

Sharing Information is So Much Easier

A virtual meeting platform makes sharing information, important documents, and ideas easy. Everyone can share what they need just as quickly as they can speak to each other. It’s done within seconds and removes the fuss of emails.

It Increases Productivity

Unless you’re in the office, getting everyone together in one room is difficult. Not to mention, there are teams with people scattered around the world. Virtual meeting platforms are incredibly helpful in such cases.

You can have more control over the meeting through built-in moderation tools, send messages to one person or all, and cut down interruptions.

You Can Record the Meetings

There are some cases where a learner might not have been able to participate. Or sometimes, we just wish we could go back and listen to some part again. Virtual meeting platforms are beneficial since they can record meetings as well.

Axis LMS – An All-In-One Solution

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