Gamification: Why It’s Crucial in E-Learning

It’s time to get serious about gaming because, with its involvement in E-learning, it’s more than an attention grabber or a distraction. There is an attention problem among the learners, though. They prefer focusing on what interests them over learning. So how can we solve it? Gamifying E-learning, of course.

Turning Fear into Fun

Many people don’t even try to learn or get involved in new things because of the fear of failure. Due to this fear, they’re left behind their peers and become increasingly demotivated.

Gamification adds a fun element to learning which encourages them to learn by making it exciting. It also helps them in more ways. Using it appropriately can boost employee motivation and information retention and encourage people to learn more.

Creates a “Want to” Attitude

When we have to do something or just have that attitude, it starts to feel like a chore. Even if it’s learning for our benefit, gamification converts that ‘have to’ attitude into a ‘want to’ one. Before, anything resembling playtime was looked down upon in the professional world, but now the attitude is changing. It has been found that gamification can increase the ability to learn by 40%.

Gives Learners a Challenge

Learning feels like a challenge for some people, an unconquerable one at that. But turn it into a game, and not only are they fired up, but it keeps them coming back for more. Making E-learning fun with doable challenges will make people feel like they’re playing a game instead of attending a lecture.

They can think of it as a mystery to solve by unlocking the course in sections and have a compelling narrative when solving them as well. Gamification spikes an adrenaline rush which will make people better and faster learners. In addition, every time they achieve a milestone, they’ll feel excited about what’s to come next due to a rush of dopamine.

Inspires and Reactivates

Humans are curious by nature and tend to discover, learn and evolve. However, routines and fear have made us complacent in life and learning. Gamification doesn’t only motivate us; it inspires and reactivates our brain and brings the desire to learn back into our lives.

It gives us a focus, captures our attention, and upskills. Gamification works our multiple senses and gives an immersive experience that eventually makes us goal-oriented. It can help set the standards people will work towards when used correctly.

Increased goal-orientation

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