3 Benefits of Gamifying Your Learning Management System for Employee Development and Training

One of the biggest caveats of traditional training is information overload. The longtraining sessions can be especially boring and people are already suffering from screen fatigue.

LMS system gamification is a better option for employee training and development. Axis LMS allows businesses to gamify their LMS system for optimal results and higher retention.

Let us explore how.

Benefits of LMS System Gamification for Employees

Gamification is the idea of adding a game-like element to learning and development. It helps achieve learning objectives using gaming principles so that learners can acquire new knowledge in a dynamic and engaging way.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by gamifying your LMS for employee training.

1. Improve Learning Retention

Audio and visual learning are better methods of learning retention, but gamification takes it up a notch by adding practice aids and demos.

According to National Training Laboratory’s Learning Pyramid, “practice and learning by doing” is 75% more effective than reading material. Knowledge is retained in workplaces because employees can practice what they learn.

The interactive content, healthy competition, and intriguing graphics make learning active compared to other mediums of learning. Trainees can recall what they learned in a session and become motivated to impart it in everyday operations.

2. Increase learner Engagement

Today, employee and trainee engagement is the biggest issue facing employers. The increasing number of portable devices has added more distraction leading to a considerable decline in attention spans.

Gamification leverages the same concept and uses distracting elements to its advantage. Game-based learning puts “fun” in fundamental for an active learning experience. Employees can train on their screens with limited distractions.

3. Nourish Critical Thinking

Games can increase critical thinking skills. For instance, strategy games help learners use logic to plan their moves keeping in mind the long-term impacts of their decisions. These games empower learners to make difficult and quick decisions in the face of adversity which later they can use in real work scenarios.

Simulated games also boost critical thinking and logical skills among learners. They can make mistakes in a simulation to learn without worrying about consequences. In doing so, it boosts their confidence.

Employees making strategies

Gamifying LMS for employee training can benefit their training and development. At Atrixware, we embed these principles into our Axis LMS – a learning management system for eTraining to ensure every organization benefits from these features. Watch a free demo or contact us today to learn more.

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