How Does An LMS For Franchises Work?

Continuous training is key to running a successful franchise. It keeps the products and processes across each franchising unit.

However, providing constant training can be challenging, especially if your units are dispersed across different locations. That is where the learning management system for franchises comes into the picture.

How Does LMS for Franchises Work?

A learning management system for franchises lowers costs and guarantees unified brand integrity across each unit. Here is how franchise LMS works:

Create Learning Material

An LMS allows you to create interactive, scenario-based and gamified training courses that explain your procedures and rules. You can organize the learning material in the form of a learning path and assign it to your specific franchising unit and team. You can also add quizzes to test learning and knowledge retention.

Publish Learning Modules

Franchising is all about branding, so it is also necessary to focus on creating your own learning content that you can publish on your page. A franchise LMS like Axis LMS lets you personalize the learning platform in line with your brand.

It is easy to choose a unique layout, color, theme and page design as well as domain to make it your own. A learning management system makes franchise training straightforward and more convenient for everyone.

Create Groups

One way a franchise LMS makes training accessible and effective is by offering a separate group feature for each unit. You can customize learning modules for different teams with their own learning content depending on the location they serve and the clients they cater to.

Add Certificates

Learning management system for franchises also features automated certification, therefore learners can acquire a personalized certificate after course completion.

Track Performance

An effective LMS integrates learning with performance management to make evaluation easier. You can assess results, identify best performers, recognize performance discrepancies and provide solutions to bridge performance gaps. It all happens under one roof, which ensures    active learning.

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Atrixware offers a learning management system for franchises to make active learning possible regardless of diverse your franchising units are. Our Axis LMS is an automated LMS for franchises that allow you to customize learning content according to your brand. Watch a free demo to understand how it works.

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