What Makes An LMS System Good For Compliance Training?

Industry and legal regulations govern how a business or organization should operate. Every organization has certain policies that every employee must adhere.

All of these aspects constitute compliance training. It comprises ethics, codes of conduct, workplace policies and diversity and equity regulations, just to name a few. Now you can assure compliance with LMS systems for compliance training.

Here is why LMS for compliance training is effective.

Compliance Training and LMS Systems

Compliance training includes regulations and rules that can be dull for most employees. However, an LMS provides the same sets of rules in shorter, more digestible chunks to learners can retain knowledge.

Short Training

The training duration on LMS can be as short as one minute to make the content more accessible and engaging for employees. Businesses can curate their compliance training using animations, images and videos to engage employees.

LMS for compliance training uses microLearning principles to make training more effective and fun. Organizations can use this tool to increase learning motivation among their employees.

Gamified Training

Studies show that game-based learning increases participation boosts motivation, and fosters emotional and social learning among people regardless of their age. A learning management system takes this concept and adds elements of gaming in the compliance training modules to increase participation.

Gamification boosts healthy competition, and the awards can encourage more people to learn. It influences behavior and changes employee mindset towards compliance training.

Scenario-Based Learning

Compliance training essentially includes sets of rules to educate employees on safe working policies. It also covers other aspects of working to avoid labor violations and prevent workplace injuries and privacy issues.

LMS systems for compliance training turn these boring topics into demo videos and scenarios to give employees a firsthand view of what is expected of them and how well they can work to assure compliance.

The storyline in simulated training allows employees to respond and make decisions during the training to determine how different actions affect their work. Some LMS also feature augmented and virtual reality to make scenarios more life-like for an immersive experience.

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