Selling Your Courses in Axis LMS

This articles assumes you've already set up your Payment Gateways. Read how here

Once you've selected a payment gateway for your system, now you'll need to select how you're going to offer your products. If you're like most administrators, you'll do well to sell your courses one-by-one, or as a variety of different pre-packaged groups. But, if you need them, there are some advanced methods you can use: subscriptions, free-previews, free course-paid certifications.

Simple Setup

These methods are very straightforward, and require a minimal amount of effort from the administrator.

Single Courses

If you want a single course to be listed for sale, you can do so by going to Learning > Online Courses > Manage, then selecting the Course you want to sell. Under the Course's e-commerce settings, select the dropdown option to Sell the Course, then set its price. Optionally, you can also select a category, how long the user is buying for, and whether or not to feature this Course in your built-in Axis Online Store.

This method revolves around using Automation Event Triggers. Read more here.
If you want to create your own course package, the best way to do this using the "Other Products" found in the shopping cart.

Before selling your course package, you first need to create it. Begin by going to your Online Learning tab, and selecting Online Courses then Work with Course Groups. Now select Action Groups and click the plus icon to create one. You'll want to give this a Name and Description so you can easily identify the Group. To add courses to the Action Group, manage it by clicking the Courses icon and then click the Add button next to each course you'd like in the group.
Once you have your Action Group created with your desired courses, go to your E-Commerce tab, and select the Shopping Cart. Now Manage, and Create an "Other Product". Like all products, you'll want to give this one a Name, and a Price; as well as all the optional fields in the "Product Information" section.

Under the "Product Triggers" section, check the box next to "Enroll the user into" then select the Course Group from the dropdown as well as the number of days you'd like the user enrolled into the courses when they purchase the bundle.