Using Axis Learning Management Systems to Track Training Videos


Turn any Video online into a trackable training activity.

Training videos are a great way to deliver on-demand training inside learning management systems, and for just about every video host and formatting option, Axis LMS has a solution. By using the ‘Video’ Module available in Axis, you can successfully integrate Youtube, Amazon S3, Vimeo, and Internally hosted videos, among others. In fact, as long as your video host is able to provide an embed code, Axis LMS can deliver just about any web-safe video.

Delivery won’t be a problem with Axis LMS, but you will want to consider several different factors when you’re having your video developed.

Is your video engaging?

If your user doesn’t have interest within 15 seconds, then they’re not likely to (willingly) stick around for the remainder.

Are your learning management systems users mostly mobile?

You will want to stay away from long videos, and Flash videos for use inside learning management systems (and really, anywhere at all).


By delivering your video through a Video module, you’re able to add timers, track users’ time spent, as well as the other settings common among Axis Modules.

And while it’d be difficult to list every video hosting website in this article, below are a few of the most commonly used, and how you’re able to use them inside of a Video module.



When using a Vimeo video inside Axis Learning Management Systems, you’re going to need to use an embed code. But before you can successfully embed a Vimeo video, you’ll need to go to your Vimeo video’s settings.

Axis Learning Management Systems - Vimeo Image

While adjusting the Privacy settings of your Vimeo video, you will want to make sure that the “Anywhere” option is toggled. While on this page, you may want to also decide to apply a password to the video, and disable the ability for viewers to download the video.

Once your settings are in place, return to the video, then select the Share Icon.

Axis Learning Management Systems Image - Vimeo Image

After this page appears, select the entire Embed code, which should begin with “iframe”

Now return to the Axis LMS admin, and create a New Video Module. Select the “Other Video” type, then paste the Embed code you copied from Vimeo. Give the module a name, and remember to preview it to make sure it’s perfect.



Integrating YouTube videos into Axis Learning Management Systems is much faster, and doesn’t have to be *your* video, but but does trade off some privacy options because of it.

While in YouTube, select the video you’d like to watch, and from this page, copy the entire address bar to your clipboard.

Axis Learning Management Systems Image

Now you’ll head back into the Axis LMS, and create a new video module, and select Youtube Video

Paste in the URL we copied from YouTube, and give the video a name. And as always, preview the module before adding it into any Courses.

Axis File Manager

Axis Learning Management Systems include the ability to upload your own files (including videos). If you’ve chosen to store your videos right within the Axis LMS file Manager, you won’t need to leave the admin view to create your module.

Head into your Modules tab, and create a new video module, then select the HTML5 video. When prompted, select the .MP4 video from your files area.

Axis Learning Management Systems Image

Give the module a name, then preview the module before adding it to any courses.


There are countless other video hosting websites, but as long as those sites are able to provide an embed link, or have the capability to be embedded, Axis Learning Management Systems should be able to deliver it. The tricky part may come from finding where your video host provides their embed link.

Once you have the embed link, your video module can be created by Creating an “Other Video” module type, as we did for the Vimeo video.

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