Top 10 Ideas to Expand Your Learning

1266360_sparkler.jpgAs part of wrapping things up last year, we looked at some of the best free learning tools out there.  A sort of looking back on the year and hitting the high points so to speak.

Now a few months into the new year, I am more than ready to move forward and greet this year with everything I have.

Want to come with me?  Awesome!  Then let’s go check out what might just be 10 great ways to expand your learning.

1. Go Digital

There is digital … and then there is digital!  This year E-Learning technology is pushing the envelope further than ever before with the new iTunes U.  The concept isn’t new, offering affordable full content text books in a digital format, but this is the first time it has been embraced by the biggest textbook publishers on the market.

Right now this is a small first step but it is definitely one to watch!

1376219_clouds_ii.jpg2. Take it to the Cloud!

Cloud computing has been a bit of a buzz word over the last year or so.  Now?  Now it’s time to look for the Cloud to go mainstream as these services become more common and are put into use by more and more companies everyday.  What once was obscure technology will become commonplace as we all learn how to take it to the Cloud … and leave it there!

3. Pop in on a Podcast

Podcasts are a great E-Learning tool that I feel is often under utilized.  Why? They are easy to create, affordable to produce and simple to participate in.  All you have to do is download and listen (or sometimes even watch)!  This is a great option for those participants who find themselves on the go more often than not.  It gives them a chance to maximize that morning commute and makes the content accessible as many times as necessary.

4. Stretch your Boundaries

Ever want to try something new?  This is the time!  If you are looking at adding a new feature to your E-Learning bag of tricks then why not give it a shot?  Your participants will appreciate the change and you will enjoy getting the chance to try something new and different.

5. Take a Blog Stroll

And building on number 4, a great way to find some new little tips and tricks is to take a blog stroll.  Just mark off a few hours and jump from one blog to the next as you see what others in the E-Learning community are saying and doing. The great thing about this option is that these blogs give you the “word on the street” so to speak.  You can find out what’s working, what’s not and what you definitely need to try  — oh, and be sure to keep this blog on your list please 🙂

6. Get Visual

If you find yourself stuck in the same old same old presentation rut, then its time to try something new.  Get visual and change up the look and feel of what you are offering your participants.  This gives you a chance to clean up your courses while you tweak the content and get it ready for a new year.

1353144_pink_telephone.jpg7. Learn to Connect

If you ask me, communication is one of the lost arts of this century.  Just ask any hiring manager who routinely interviews new graduates.  They will tell you time and time again that these kids are coming out of college who can’t communicate and can’t write.  It’s a shame!  Communication, connecting with other people, is at the center of all that we do.  Especially in E-Learning.  So if you know that you skills need a tune up, then now’s the time!

8. Master a Skill

Everyone has that one thing that they just can’t seem to master.  Be it PowerPoint, be it Word, be it building an effective presentation, it is something different for each of us and you all know exactly what I am talking about.  So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to put that hurdle behind you as you conquer your demons and add something new and improved to your bag of tricks.

9. Take a Class

Sometimes we need to take a step back as an instructor and remember what life is like on the other side of the fence.  Basically we need to take a class and be the student for once!  Got anything you want to learn?  Then find a class and sign up!  Not only will you learn something new, but you might just pick up some teaching tips along the way.

10. Ask for Feedback

One of the best ways to learn about yourself and your teaching style is to ask.  And not just anybody!  Ask the people who have taken your class.  Find out what they liked, what they didn’t like….and probably most importantly, what they learned.  Their answers might surprise you, but I can promise you will come out a better educator on the other side.

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