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Axis LMS
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Axis Learning Management System (LMS)

This is the Online Learning Management System you wish you used the last time you tried to implement an online learning program.

Whether it's the boom of internet-based universities, or people's simple addiction to the World Wide Web, internet learning—of all kinds—is the new norm, and if companies aren't ready to keep up, they have no choice but to fall behind. At Atrixware, we're on a mission to help companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes step confidently into the next phase of internet learning, providing practical solutions to outdated practices, helping you to stay ahead.

Atrixware understands that your company needs a simple solution to training your employees, or a simple solution to offering online training and testing to your prospects and customers. Our job is to make it easier for you (both in usage, and in budget). Our online learning management system (LMS) can be used for creating, integrating, tracking and managing courses, quizzes, and presentations. We've put together a great package for any company looking for an easier, better, and less expensive way to learning management.

Our LMS allows you to configure the layout of your course with your own personalized text and images. We've made creating online quizzes easier than ever. You can promptly create graded or practice quizzes with the click of a button. We allow you complete control over your visual layout. You can change everything from the font, size, color, images, and even add animations.

Create. Train. Test.

With our online learning management system you can create powerful presentations, online quiz authoring and easy-to-use course design features. When e-learning systems first came about, beneficial results tough to achieve if even possible. Developers didn't understand user engagement, and in turn, users didn't understand the software's relevance or viability.

With Axis LMS, we've taken years of development, refined it, and created a system that truly benefits both the user and the administrator.

Fully Integrated Learning

Our LMS allows integration of training videos, images, PDF's, e-commerce and shopping carts, to help you streamline your process and efficiently train your employees in a way that makes sense for your company.

While there are plenty of companies in the same industry, we understand that no two organizations or businesses are the same, and that means that you need an e-learning software that is uniquely tailored to your needs—not just your industry's. While cross-platform learning can be confusing, disjointed, and inefficient, our systems created a unified process that takes the best of what you have to offer, and presents it in a simple, streamlined, easy-to-use way.

Practical Software Solutions

We make it our goal to keep it simple, and eliminate the headaches that come along with other LMS platforms. Our highly customizable learning management system software  is a great choice for anyone needing to create and deliver (and even sell) online training & E-learning software

Because companies have such varying needs, we created a solution that does more than just incorporate your ideas into a nice platform: the incredibly customizable e-learning software is designed to a practical fit for your needs, rather than a complicated system that requires a total overhaul of your current infrastructure.

Proven Testing

Other online learning software solutions can be thin, unhelpful, and ultimately don't produce the results that they promise. This is often most apparent in their testing strategies. Not only is it now easier than it ever had been in the past to create a test or quiz, but they are built around the material you want them to be, in a way that can truly engage with the user.

The power is in your hands: because our software is so easy to integrate and customize, testing can be much more personalized, intelligent, and engaging with the material. Our testing solutions are proven to be more fit for the material than LMS software of the past. Create dynamic quizzes, give space for more comprehensive testing, and get proven results that last.

Streamlined Reporting

Full reports are created for all of the quiz and question data.  Reports can be sorted, viewed, and exported into excel sheets with ease.  Compared to other learning management systems, our software makes it easier than ever to keep detailed records of all the activity in your courses. We understand that it can be difficult to keep every user accountable to the necessary work—and beyond just the honor system, this can have drastic results for the longevity of the testing's purposes.

With our streamlined reporting services, you're not wasting important time hunting down assignments, playing 20 questions to make sure it actually sunk in. Our reporting is dependable, and you can trust that it's an indication of viable learning.

Stop managing your worry and start managing what matters. We designed our LMS to give you peace of mind knowing that you're getting the most out of your e-learning platform.

Improved Hosting and Licensing

In an effort to make our software more available to companies of every size, we offer a number of different options for implementing it into your systems. We offer our e-learning systems as a hosted lms service, meaning you can implement it on another organizations serves, which is especially useful when your company doesn't have the bandwidth to purchase its own. Additionally we offer it as a license you can purchase for your own server, which makes this software increasingly popular as one of the leading systems with companies of all sizes, government agencies and schools all across the globe.

No need to get caught up in extra expenditures that cancel out the promised efficiency and ease of integration. Take advantage of our hosting and licensing, so that you can make your LMS work for you.

So whether you're in higher education or a public administrator for a government agency, we at Atrixware strive to make your e-learning software experience one that caters to your needs, produces real results for your users, and yields long term benefits for your organization as you step into a new era of learning and productivity.

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