Three Top Mobile Learning Resources

1225930_mobile_phone_1.jpgWhen I hear the words “mobile learning” my ears instantly perk up. No matter what the conversation, no matter what the topic, all it takes is that one little phrase and suddenly you have my full and complete attention.


For a few reasons. For starters, mobile learning is and will continue to be the next big thing in E-Learning. This is the buzz word of the year and the trend may well continue into next year. We all know this. And this is one of the main reasons why I am always so interested to key into any chatter around the topic.

The second reason is a bit more complex. While we have all identified mobile learning as the wave of the future, we have yet to agree on the platform of choice. Partly because the technology is changing practically daily, meaning that the next big thing is constantly hovering just past the threshold of our current knowledge base. So why do I make a point to seek out everything I can on this topic? Because I want to know what my options are. I want to know what everyone else is talking about and I want to know that I am offering my clients the best possible product that I can.

With that in mind let’s take a look at my Top 3 Resources for Mobile Learning:

1208792_square_web_2_0_style_icon_set_1.jpg1). Apple

There is simply no way to have an informed discussion on the topic of mobile learning without acknowledging the Apple effect. Not only has Apple managed to change the landscape of mobile learning, they have essentially changed the reality of personal computing as we know it. And with the announcement of the Microsoft Surface it seems even Apple’s biggest competitor has been forced to acknowledge the shift in the market.

The influx and availability of Apps, coupled with the prevalence of Apple products in the consumer market, make Apple’s platform highly attractive from an E-Learning standpoint. Those who work in the E-Learning field would be well served to familiarize themselves with this technology and learn how to effectively leverage it’s strengths for their clients.

2). Social Media

When I say social media, I don’t mean that it is to be utilized as a training tool in this case. I mean that you can leverage this technology to keep your finger on the pulse of the market as a whole. Want to know what your clients are talking about? Check social media. Want to know what your peers are talking about? Again, check social media. There simply is no better way to keep abreast of this ever changing marketplace we constantly trying to compete in.

So while social media can be used as an effective training tool in its own regard, in this case we are going to use it to expand our knowledge and keep track of the new and the different.

958643_movement.jpg3). ASTD

Never heard of ASTD? Well, it’s definitely something to look into! More formally known as The American Society of Training and Development, ASTD has dedicated themselves to remaining at the forefront of the training world. With their coveted CPLP certification and a wide array of training options, this is the place to go for the “train the trainer” materials you can use to separate yourself from the competition.

How does this relate to mobile learning? As an organization ASTD recognizes the shift in the corporate training world. Multitasking is a necessity to today’s workforce and many corporations are choosing a mobile platform rather than a traditional classroom setting. Plugging into ASTD can help you better understand the big picture and how E-Learning is working to change the training world as a whole.

When you look at these three resources it becomes clear how each plays into the whole. The goal is knowledge. The more you can learn about mobile learning, and the changes it bring to the E-Learning world, the more effective you can be as you create your own initiatives and work to leave a lasting impression with your participants.

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