The Ultimate Guide to Diversity Training in the Workplace

Many workplaces have to face minority discrimination. It’s a common problem in different parts of the world, and regardless of group, most minorities have to deal with double standards. According to a survey, three in five employees in the US have dealt with or witnessed workplace discrimination.

You can train and educate your employees to counter this problem and prevent it from happening. The more aware they become of the prevailing discriminatory issues, the more they can achieve diversity in their workplace.

In this guide, we’ll discuss diversity training in the workplace. Visit Atrixware to book a demo of our learning management system online, Axis LMS.

What Does Diversity Training include?

You can include the following topics in your diversity training.

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Gender Identity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Ethnicity
  • Race Identity
  • Religion/Beliefs
  • Disabilities

For diversity training in the workplace, you need to ensure that your employees have the necessary skills they need to interact with different groups of people from all sorts of backgrounds. After this training, they should become more aware of the differences that exist and how to embrace them.

Coworkers taking diversity training in the workplace

Types of Workplace Diversity

When providing diversity training in the workplace, you should also classify your training sessions or modules. The first classification would be internal diversity. This training module would talk about the characteristics a person is with. It’s related to their genetics, race, ethnicity, physical ability, and assigned sex. These characteristics can’t change over time.

Next up is external diversity. This would include someone’s religion, education, family status, lifestyle, and life experiences. Characteristics influenced by these things can change over time.

Organizational diversity would include characteristics that set apart one employee from another. It’s also called functional diversity. These characteristics include an employee’s job function, union affiliation, seniority, employment status, and salary type.

Lastly, the final module for diversity training in the workplace is worldview diversity. This refers to how someone views the world because of their opinions and life experiences. This includes someone’s outlook on life, political beliefs, and moral compass.

Getting Started with Diversity Training

According to US laws, workplace discrimination is illegal. Hence, you should have diversity training set up on your organization’s learning management system online. If you don’t have an online learning management software, visit us at Atrixware today.

We can get you started with diversity training in the workplace for your employees as well as new hires. To learn more about our learning management solutions, reach out to us or book a demo today.

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