The Benefits of Device-First in eLearning

We’re attached to our smartphones 24/7. Over two billion people use portable devices for communication, to browse the internet, and to remain up-to-date. The convenience and easy mobility these devices offer does make them a useful platform for e-learning. There are many reasons to consider a device-first or mobile-first approach for employee training.

If you’re looking to boost your workforce’s learning and development potential, you should switch to a mobile-first approach to elearning.

What is Mobile-First Strategy?

Gone are the days when the world revolved around the desktop web. Today, people are more connected to the web through portable digital pacifiers, a.k.a. smartphones. The digital landscape has shifted, and you must incorporate e-learning through mobile-first design. It’s to develop and design an online experience for mobile devices before the desktop web.

Benefits of Mobile-First in E-Learning

50% of learners use their smartphones to access learning material. Handheld devices are popular because they allow easy accessibility. They account for over half of the global browsing activity. Here are some of the benefits of using the mobile-first approach to your learning management system platform for elearning:

1. Accessible and Inclusive

Mobile-first designs offer greater control to the learner. It empowers them to access the content anywhere. The purpose of maximizing accessibility is to increase learner engagement and, eventually, training completion rates.

Device users can benefit from different features such as listening to content while exercising, driving, or using voice commands. People go to Google instead of an LMS because it’s easy to access. You need to convert your learning management system into a mobile-first platform for better learning.

2. Learning Flexibility

The thing about long in-person classes and training is that they get boring and dry. The information overload alone can overwhelm the learning process. You can address this issue with a mobile-friendly LMS.

People look for timing flexibility to access learning material at their own pace. A mobile-first strategy can make learning flexible for them. Your learning management system software should be easy to access using a smartphone so employees can access videos, multimedia, or podcasts. The greater the flexibility, the more a learner enjoys learning because they can control their learning journey.

3. Increases Retention and Completion Rate

Mobile-first courses are short and promote micro-learning. This encourages employees to take short training and move to next. Mobile-first LMS designs also adapt to a learner’s learning pattern, device and usage habit. This increases the completion and retention of training material.

4. On-The-Go Learning

People look for ways to access learning material at any time, whether they’re engaged in work or other activities. A mobile-first learning platform allows them to learn on the go and utilize their time productively.

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