Building with the Course Builder in Axis LMS

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Building Courses in Axis LMS has never been easier

In Axis LMS you will no doubt have had an opportunity to see and work with the Course Builder. The Course Builder has gone through many internal iterations before ultimately replacing its predecessor, but the result is something significantly easier to use that was able to cut the time invested into the Course creation process down to a third of what it once required. To accomplish this, the Course Builder allows you to complete every step of the Content creations process, without ever leaving the page.



The ability to upload was the first step. Completely retooled, the Course Builder allows its administrators to drag-and-drop in a variety of different file types, which the system then interprets, and uses to quickly create different pieces of trackable content for the Course. If applicable, it will also attempt to suggest a name for each piece of content it creates.



In addition to being able to upload their files, the Course Builder needed to offer its administrators the ability to analyze and edit their content with the same scrutiny as its predecessor; again, without leaving the page. In the Create area of the Course Builder, administrators can create Questions for their Quizzes, as well as utilize existing Questions to create a combinations of Flash Cards, Surveys, and Presentations.



Under the browse area you can add content that you previously created in a different course and add it to the course you are working in. This area also allows you to add additional visual content to your course such as Forums, Progress Bars, Reporting and more.


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