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LMS Certificates in Axis LMS

LMS certificatesThe ability to certify your users is a benefit of using Axis LMS, but how your leaners achieve LMS certificates can vary  depending on your business process and goals.

For example, it can be as simple as issuing an LMS certificate when a learner passes a quiz, or linked to a completion of a training course, or, an achievement of a skill which involves participation in various learning courses.

Axis LMS addresses these different scenarios by providing you with several highly customizable LMS certificates: Quiz, Course, and Curriculum (or Competency) LMS certificates (and, a 4th type not discussed – Certification LMS Certificates, will be available as of Axis LMS 10.4 – relates to the world of Continuing Education and CEU’s).

LMS Certificates can be used either independently, or in conjunction with each other.


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New Features Coming in Axis LMS 10.4

Axis LMSWe here at Atrixware are currently preparing for the next version release of Axis LMS, which is promising to be one of the most innovative so far.

Axis LMS already has a huge assortment of different tools and features – but the upcoming release, version 10.4, is going to see those tools expanded even further.

If you’re already an Axis LMS user, you’ll be struck immediately by the interface improvements. After the foundation that version 10.3 laid out with its visual unification, Axis LMS 10.4 has re-organized the admin interface to capitalize and polish any lose threads.

By combining similar topics under one unifying theme, Axis LMS 10.4 has reduced the total number of tabs.


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Import Training Management Data Quick and Easy

training management importHere at Atrixware, we are always looking for ways to make it easy for you to share training management data across multiple systems, though both automated mechanisms (such as API), and through the use of spreadsheets. Axis LMS provides several different tools needed to import a variety of data

By using the User Import, you’re able to bring in user account data into Axis LMS.

Whether it be a call list, employee records, or users from a previous system; the User Import provides each user with standard fields, such as phone and email address, as well as 15 customizable fields that can flex to work with your data.


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Manage Users Effectively in Axis LMS

LMS UsersOver time, its possible that not all of your users are going to be regularly accessing the system. Axis LMS has implemented different states for your users: Active and Inactive.

While a user is Inactive, they cannot interact or log into the system, but you (as the admin) can continue to access their report information and user account information – especially useful for historical records or compliance audits. As the admin, you may also continue to pull up any certifications they have earned while they were active.

By contrast, Active state allows for the user to interact with the system. Active users can login to the system, enroll into courses, and participate in course activities. Active users also have access to UserConnect, Forums, and Messaging (if you have enabled these features). As the admin, you also retain all the functionality you have for Inactive users, and a whole lot more.

An important difference regarding the user states is that Inactive users are always unlimited, and do not count towards the billable user count. You can use the tools and resources in Axis LMS to better manage your Active users — deactivating users that no longer need to be active, and therefore keeping your Active user count in check. (more…)

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