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Axis LMS UserConnect Social Site

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UserConnect gives your users the ability to post, share, chat & collaborate privately with other users that they are connected to.

Each user has their own feed page and their own “My Page” complete with banner and avatar, similar to other public social sites.

With UserConnect, users can chat (instant message) with other users they are connected with when online. Axis LMS users and managers can also create private or public communities for membership driven conversations and dialog.

Your users can even get recognition on UserConnect as they complete courses in the Axis LMS system.

All of this is available privately to those in your organization.


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Learning Management System E-Commerce

Learning Management System imageDo you already sell your training content? Have you been thinking about expanding your market space? By leveraging the ability to sell over 1,500 pre-built online courses (the Content Library), you are able to do just that! You can easily add the pre-created content from the library to your system and then sell it for as much or as little as you want.

The best part about selling the pre-built content is that you only get billed for what your users actually use (and have purchased) — thereby eliminating all risk! You can even combine the modules from the pre-built content with your own content to make more robust courses. (more…)

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Automating Online Training in Axis LMS

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The ultimate goal of many trainers is to reach the pinnacle point where they can be completely hands off, allowing their LMS to automate both the user life cycle, and all of administrative necessities; such as reporting.

For most companies, cutting labor costs is associated with this scenario. For companies that sell training through an LMS, boosting profits is an added benefit – especially when introducing automated email messages alerting trainees when they need to re-certify or re-enroll into a course to obtain their certificate or CEU credits.

While this may be more or less attainable depending on your business model, by utilizing the many different tools within Axis LMS, you may be able to reach the point where you can spend your time elsewhere – letting the LMS automate most of the tasks. (more…)

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Using Axis Learning Management Systems to Track Training Videos

Axis Learning Management Systems ImageTraining videos are a great way to deliver on-demand training inside learning management systems, and for just about every video host and formatting option, Axis LMS has a solution. By using the ‘Video’ Module available in Axis, you can successfully integrate Youtube, Amazon S3, Vimeo, and Internally hosted videos, among others. In fact, as long as your video host is able to provide an embed code, Axis LMS can deliver just about any web-safe video.

Delivery won’t be a problem with Axis LMS, but you will want to consider several different factors when you’re having your video developed.

Is your video engaging?

If your user doesn’t have interest within 15 seconds, then they’re not likely to (willingly) stick around for the remainder.

Are your learning management systems users mostly mobile?

You will want to stay away from long videos, and Flash videos for use inside learning management systems (and really, anywhere at all). (more…)

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