Broadcasting Tools in Axis LMS Instructor Led Training

As an instructor for an ILT online meeting, one of the tools you may find useful is the Broadcast tool. At face value, this tool is somewhat unremarkable. But what makes this tool worthwhile is the ability to take advantage of countless number of incredible web-based tools that exist (both free and paid tools) and incorporate them into your Axis LMS ILT sessions.

In terms of utilities, useful examples would be polling services, and real time virtual-whiteboards. Polling services allow you to query your users in real time without disrupting the flow of your presentation; while virtual-whiteboards restore some of the spirit that can be lost when transitioning away from in-person classrooms.

From the instructor's point of view, broadcasting these tools for your users is incredibly easy. Once the meeting has begun, select the Broadcast tool from the top right. This will prompt you to paste in a URL you'd like broadcasted. In the example below, we are using a polling service.

Pasting a link does not automatically start sharing with your users just in case there is a problem, or the page is not loading, at which point you can change the URL, or cancel the broadcast entirely. But if you're happy with the preview, click the Broadcast toggle; this will change the icon from Red to Green, and it will now appear on your users' screens.

In this example, users select their favorite color, before scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking vote. Once the votes are in, the instructor who created the poll can view the results in real time from the poll's dashboard; and they can shut the broadcast off until it's needed again.

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