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Staying Connected in your Axis LMS with UserConnect

Inside Axis LMS, there is a built-in user to user social network. Active users can utilize this tool to connect with other users, form concentration groups, and customize their online presence - privately within your partition.

For your users to be access UserConnect, you’ll need to give them a method to log into it. You can do this by adding the UserConnect menu item, or adding a UserConnect widget to your learning portal.

UserConnect Menu Item

When your user first logs in, they will need to make sure that three fields are filled out: First Name, Last Name, and email Address. When a user updates these fields, the user’s profile (from the admin view) are also updated. User can also fill out some optional fields: title, education, location, and DOB. They can link their account to other social networks, and also write a brief description in the "About Me” section.

UserConnect Basic Information

Users can add an avatar to represent their virtual selfs by going to the My Page screen, then clicking on the edit icon. The ideal avatar image is 128px by 128px, and can be either .jpg, .png, or .gif. When a user updates their avatar, it will also appear inside the admin view when managing users.

UserConnect Profile Images

Users have a lot of tools in their hands while inside UserConnect. Users can form their own Communities (a self established group, where users can write to only members of this group), create Groups (how the user filters whose content they see), and use a person to person Chat (users can create a 2 person chat room with any of their connections who are currently online).
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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