Training Curriculums with ILT in Axis LMS

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Build a Training Curriculum with ILT in Axis LMS

Learn how Instructor Led Training brings together different components of Axis LMS to deliver a more comprehensive learning experience for your users.

More Than Courses

Instructor Led Training in Axis LMS helps administrators and content authors create verbose curriculums for their training for a more comprehensive learning experience than Online Courses or ILT can provide independently. By associating different Online Courses with an ILT Program, users can be automatically enrolled into, offered, or marketed those courses after signing up for a Session within the Program.

This means that a user who signs up for an ILT Program may be enrolled into an Online Course that starts and ends on the same dates as their Fall Session. Or, a user who signs up for a Session may be offered to sign up for some optional Online Courses to accompany the time in between their classes.


This is before considering adding the additional layer that Certifications and CEUs can offer, which can utilize the combination of ILT Sessions and associated Online Courses to advance a user’s CEUs towards an annual certification renewal (or other intervals).

Check out how to associated Online Courses and Documents with ILT Programs here.

At-Home and On-Site Training

A core component of Instructor Led Training is scheduling your ILT Sessions and Meetings within them. While at first glance, the Meeting options may seem too niche for how your business operates, a little exploration will reveal how each of the different Meeting types lend themselves to different scenarios; and how these options can continue to service your ILT Meeting needs as the workforce transitions back into a post-pandemic setting.

For at-home (or ‘distance’) learning, Instructor Led Training provides two out-of-the-box solutions for admins to select from. Either the Streaming Video, or Group Text Chat options allows collaboration in real time between instructors and among learners. No additional software is required from the presenter, just launch your meetings straight from your browser.


If the built-in options aren’t a perfect fit for your business though, consider the “Other” option when scheduling your Meetings. Selecting this option will allow your instructors the opportunity to plug in almost any 3rd party streaming service at run time. If your instructor is a subscriber to, they can plug in their embed code; if they’re familiar with Skype or GoToMeeting, just grab your sharing link before broadcasting the Session. This option opens up dozens of possibilities for Instructors who may have otherwise felt ‘locked in’ to a service they’re unhappy or unfamiliar with.

And as users begin to transition back to on-site and live training environments, there is a ‘hidden’ fourth option available when scheduling ILT Meetings, and that is physical locations. Like other aspects of Instructor Led Training, this option only appears if you’ve created physical locations beforehand; allowing you to select any of those locations during the scheduling process. The utility of this Meeting type is most prominent on the user end however, where the location’s address can be easily mapped out for the user from their mobile device using Google Maps. This helps ensure that users are familiar with the physical location beforehand, so they know streets and landmarks to look for on their journey.

Learn more about scheduling your ILT Meetings here.

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