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Learning Management System Prices

money_bagI’ve just read the most recent report from Tagoras regarding the Learning Management System market, and I thought it would be a good way to highlight some of the benefits of the Axis LMS.

The report was based on the responses of 20 LMS vendors, and it has some interesting (and quite honestly, a bit shocking) stats pertaining to average LMS costings that I thought I’d share:

The average first year cost for a Learning Management System ranges from:

  • $22,376 for 500 users
  • to $70,857 for unlimited usage

Across 3 years the costs averaged out at:

  • $43,889 for 500 users
  • $165,286 for unlimited usage

I found it interesting to read these statistics and compare them with our own product (Axis LMS) to see where we sit in comparison.

A typical nicely-configured 500-user system currently runs about $10,000/year, making it about $30,000 for a 3-year period (so the Axis LMS is $14,000 less than the 3-year average).

A typical nicely-configured Axis unlimited user LMS system runs about $25,000/year, making it about $75,000 for a 3-year period (so the Axis LMS is $90,000 less than the 3-year average).

If you are currently shopping for a Learning Management System, I suppose the LMS prices above do not shock you and/or are exactly what you are experiencing as you request price information from potential LMS vendors. However, as someone who doesn’t actively shop for Learning Management Systems, these numbers came as a complete shock to me. I realized that the Axis LMS was more budget-friendly than most other LMS systems, but really had no idea that the difference was so large.

I am hoping that the large savings may encourage you to consider the Axis LMS as a potential fit for your organization if you are currently in the market for an LMS.

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