Blended Virtual Learning–Why Is It Essential in the Digital Age?

Blended virtual learning has become a pillar of learning initiatives, and for clear reasons. Blended learning is a learning and development strategy that combines conventional in-person learning techniques with digital interactions such as through learning management systems.

There has never been a better moment to think about investing in these learning programs thanks to the continual improvement of eLearning platform technologies over the past few years, which is mostly due to virtual work. Furthermore, a mixed learning strategy may be the most effective method to enhance ROI in digital environments given the recent advent of digital learning and development.

Benefits of Blended Learning

Online resources are utilized for learner outcomes differently in blended learning than they are in other instructional strategies. Blended learning’s primary objective is to integrate digital technology in novel ways to enhance learning outcomes, in contrast to hybrid eLearning’s concentration on developing learning opportunities that are accessible both digitally and in person. 

There are several benefits to blended learning. It’s adaptable and practical and individuals gain a deeper comprehension of the course material. This type of learning also promotes social learning and has higher rates of learner retention. Here are a couple of examples of why blended learning is essential in the digital age and how corporations are using blended learning today.

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Many businesses are using webinars as a flexible, scalable, and economical learning tool that keeps learners interested. As a great example of blended virtual learning, webinars enable learners to participate both digitally and in person and may be used for a range of training requirements.

Additionally, webinars let learning and development spread throughout your company. A pre-recorded webinar can be viewed by as many people as you like, and most live webinars enable around 500 participants. There shouldn’t be any problems designing a webinar that is enjoyable for each of your participants.

Performance Support

One of blended learning’s most successful components is digital performance support. For several reasons, using a combined approach is quite effective. First off, it produces resources that students may use whenever they need to, giving them flexibility in how they access them.

Additionally, digital performance support enables staff to share expertise across teams and departments, ensuring that all of your employees have access to a solid support network. Last but not least, editing and storing virtual productivity support resources are effective and efficient, particularly if your data and processes are constantly changing.

Let’s Get Started

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