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The Balancing Act – Time Management and E-Learning

Time 3Lately I have had the opportunity to meet with and talk with several of my peers from the eLearning world. We spent some time talking shop and going over all the up’s and down’s of what we do each day while also sharing about some of the more exciting projects we’ve had over the years. That was the fun part! I always love to hear about how other people work and what they are working on at any given time. But what really stuck out to me during these conversations was the fact that each person I talked with admitted to struggling with the same issue……time.

Specifically, how do I manage my time effectively? (more…)

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E-Learning Designs that POP! The Visual Aspect of Training

Recently I was asked by a good friend of mine to help review one of their new courses. The project was for an important client and they wanted to make sure they had everything exactly right before they submitted.

As someone who has been there before I was only too happy to help. I opened up the file and started working my way through only to find my mind wandering. It didn’t matter what I did, I couldn’t focus on what I was reading. That’s a problem my friends. In fact, it is one of the biggest red flags I look for when I am editing and reviewing content.

Here’s why: (more…)

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