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Top 10 Ideas to Expand Your Learning

1266360_sparkler.jpgAs part of wrapping things up last year, we looked at some of the best free learning tools out there.  A sort of looking back on the year and hitting the high points so to speak.

Now a few months into the new year, I am more than ready to move forward and greet this year with everything I have.

Want to come with me?  Awesome!  Then let’s go check out what might just be 10 great ways to expand your learning.


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4 Useful Free E-Learning Tools to Try This Year

free-sign-797711.gifWe all have our favorite e-learning tools we use (I of course am partial to Atrixware e-learning tools, and I suppose everyone has their own favorite brand). Maybe its something fresh and new, or maybe its something so old that you take extra steps to make sure it works every time you get a new PC.

However, today I want to appeal to you adventurous side, and suggest to you some useful (and free) e-learning tools you may want to try out for size. You just might find that one or two of these are a nice compliment (or maybe even a replacement) to your existing tools.


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