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How to Build Online Learning Presentations

Your Weblearning System (as of version 9.6) enables you to create three kinds of learning modules: Graded Quizzes, Practice Quizzes, and Learning Presentations.

Learning Presentations (the subject of this article) can contain both slides (you know – like PowerPoint) as well as quiz questions (just like quizzes can), but where a quiz is designed more for evaluation and scoring, a learning presentation is designed more for training and verification that the learner understands the concepts you are training them on.

So, when you create a learning presentation, you use the same drag-and-drop interface as you do on quizzes, where you can either drag-and-drop individual slides or questions into the ‘to-use’ column, and/or create ‘rule blocks’ that pick some questions randomly from a category (click PLAY on the video to see it in action).

So let’s take a small (7-slide) example of a typical learning presentation you may want to create.

From a slide-design perspective, it might look something like this:Slide 1 > IntroductionSlide 2 > Talk about item ASlide 3 > Talk about item B (part 1)Slide 4 > Talk about item B (part 2)Slide 5 > Ask Question about Item ASlide 6 > Ask Question about Item BSlide 7 > Completion Slide

First, you probably know the exact slides you want to use for the non-question slides, so, when you author those slides, you might put them into a category named “presentation 101″ for example.

If you know the exact questions you want to use as well, you can also drop those questions into the same “presentation 101″ category as well. If you want the two questions to be randomly picked questions instead, you will want to drop them into a different category (lets say ‘presentation 101 questions’).

Now, for scenario 1, where you know the exact questions and slides you want to use, you can achieve the desired result in two ways:

The First Way

1. Sequence your questions and slides inside the category from the question bank tab


2. (during publish phase) Use the Wizard Block button to insert ALL slides SEQUENTIALLY from the “Presentation 101” category:


This will result in a wizard block placeholder being placed in the ‘items to use’ column for your presentation:


The Second Way

The other way to do this is as follows:

1. (during publish phase) Pick ‘presentation 101‘ from the ‘pick slides from a category‘ drop-down box:


2. Drag and drop each slide and question from the left to the right column,and order them the way you would like them to appear to your users:


Now, if you would like the questions to be randomly chosen (remember, we placed them in the ‘presentation 101 questions’ category), follow these steps:

1. (during publish phase) Pick ‘presentation 101‘ from the ‘pick slides from a category‘ drop-down box (just like above).

2. Drag and drop each slide from the left to the right column,and order them the way you would like them to appear to your users (again, just like described above):


3. Now click the Wizard Block button and insert 2 random questions from the presentation 101 questions category:


This will place a wizard block placeholder into the to-use column at the bottom — you will want to drag it up in between the item b slide – part 2 and the conclusion slide:


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