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Sell Online Courses via Subscriptions with Axis LMS

sell online coursesThere are several ways that you are able to sell online courses via subscriptions, but overall, you can use the ‘Other Products’ (found in the ShoppingCart) to create these. You have the ability to offer subscriptions to individual courses, or to the system — enabling your customers access to multiple courses for a certain amount of time you define.

Additionally, you don’t have to create the same course with different lengths of time.

You can create multiple ‘Other Products’ and use the product triggers to enroll or extend the user into the same course for a certain amount of days. (more…)

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Set up Immediate Feedback for your LMS Quizzes

LMS QuizzesInstead of users receiving feedback upon completion (as in a graded quiz), a great way to enhance a trainee’s understanding is to also use non-graded LMS quizzes in your online courses.

Using this type of learning object, you can mix presentation slides with questions, which trainees must answer correctly to progress through the exercise.

With immediate feedback, it’s more about delivering some information on a topic, and then testing your trainees understanding of that information as they progress. (more…)

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