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Axis LMS is a great choice for delivering cost effective and professional training to both employees and customers.

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Are You Training Your Techs in the Field?

You may manage a location for a major telecommunications company, or perhaps you own a small telecommunications business. In either case, delivering effective training is crucial to providing excellent service to your customers, whether it's your customer service reps or your field technicians. We can help.

Is your training process working, or do you need a new plan?

Keeping everyone in sync when it comes to best practices is a challenge, as is making sure your employees are educated on the latest technologies and innovations.

Traditional training is not a good fit for telecommunications companies. Techs need to be out in the field - pulling them away for scheduled training sessions is not practical. Sales and service reps need to assist your customers - not attending scheduled training.

A learning management system such as Axis LMS can help considerably in these areas.

Top Benefits

Benefits you will experience by implementing Axis LMS.

Deliver training anywhere, any time, and on just about any device
Keep everyone on the same page and in compliance with the latest regulations
Track and measure participation & completion multiple report views by role, department, location and more

Using Axis LMS, we were able to eliminate several other systems. We have been extremely pleased with the use of Learning Paths along with the Certifications Continuing Education features to automate compliance across multiple departments across our entire organization!

Bruce Tallerby

Why Axis LMS?

Here are the top reasons to use Axis LMS.

Add already created training courses on saftey, compliance, soft skills and more to custom courses you create
Reporting tools with multiple report views, filtering, and automated emails
Creating training profiles for each employee in your office, then assign training by individual, group, or role
Mobile learning - anytime, anywhere training - and on just about every device

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