LMS for Technology

For a company in the tech industry, using an LMS to train employees as well as its customers is now becoming normal. The technology industry is constantly evolving and changing (and very quickly), so keeping your employees current on the latest best practices and leading innovations is essential.

Like many tech companies, yours may include large teams and/or cross functional groups, which are difficult to train efficiently.

Are you still relying on in-person training for your employees? Are your end-users and customers receiving adequate training (and are they perceiving it as an added value?)

A learning management system such as Axis LMS can address these challenges.

Top Benefits for You

Easy and quick course creation
Track participation and completion of training via reporting views and automation
Offer customer training on your products and solutions, adding value to what you offer

Why Axis LMS for Your Organization?

Design custom training you specific to your organization, quickly and easily
Add already created training courses on saftey, compliance, soft skills and more to custom courses you create
Track and measure participation & completion multiple report views by role, department, location and more
Mobile learning - anytime, anywhere training - and on just about every device

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