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Reduce the Pain of Training Due to High Turnover

Whether you own a small shop, boutique, or manage a space for a major retailer, you already know the most common training challenges facing the retail industry. For example, there is the unfortunate problem of high employee turnover. Having to constantly train new employees is a major issue - making streamlined, on-demand and ready-to-go training an absolute must. We can help.

Is your training process working, or do you need a new plan?

So often, retail employees are new to the workforce, so without effective training, they are likely to constantly (and consistently) make costly mistakes. Also, retail employees often do not have set schedules, so finding the time to provide training for them is another major challenge.

A learning management system such as Axis LMS will reduce your pain of constantly training new employees, watching existing employees make the same mistakes over and over, and coordinating training times and locations.

Check out hundreds of course titles you can optionally use and load into Axis LMS - created by the worlds top content providers!

Top Benefits

Benefits you will experience by implementing Axis LMS.

Training available anytime, anywhere - no more coordinating training with employee schedules
Track participation and completion of training via reporting views and automation
Train retail employees more efficiently and effectively, and help them retain what they learn

Using Axis LMS, we now have a more scalable onboarding process for our employees, and due to the training platform, our employee retention has increased by 88%!

Jeanine Tran

Why Axis LMS?

Here are the top reasons to use Axis LMS.

Design custom training specific to your organization, quickly and easily
Add already created training courses on saftey, compliance, soft skills and more to custom courses you create
Track and measure participation & completion multiple report views by role, department, location and more

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