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Whether you run a small law firm or manage a large practice with a hundred or more attorneys and employees, finding the time to efficiently train everyone can certainly be quite a challenge. Regardless of how you are training your employees now, chances are you don't reall know whether your efforts are as effective as you would like.

Do you need to ensure that your office staff and professionals are current on certain regulation?

A learning management system such as Axis LMS can deliver this type of required content - without spending a lot of money.

Top Benefits for You

Organize your courses and overall training strategy quickly and easily
Track and monitor employee progress - pinpoint training deficiencies

Why Axis LMS for Your Organization?

Reporting tools with multiple report views, filtering, and automated emails
Get up and running without the help of IT
Creating training profiles for each employee in your office, then assign training by individual, group, or role
Mobile learning - anytime, anywhere training - and on just about every device

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